Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is a grassroots network of animal rights activists working to challenge speciesism throughout society.  We use creative protest to challenge the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment. 


Founded in early 2013 by Bay Area activists, DxE has now expanded into 6 cities. In August 2013, DxE organized an international march for animal liberation, “We Are All Earthlings.” Activists in 41 cities and 16 countries around the world participated. In October 2013, DxE launched a campaign called “It’s not food.  It’s violence.” against Chipotle, prominent advocate of so-called “humane meat.” DxE also has an on-going campaign against vivisection at the University of California San Francisco, and DxE activists regularly give presentations at universities, museums, and other venues. 

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Recent Press Coverage



June 9, 2014 BeyondChron publishes article, "Chipotle Cultivating Violence, Not Integrity, Activists Say."

June 5, 2014 Oakland tribune publishes op-ed on It's Not Food, It's Violence campaign, "Supposed humane festival is not all it is advertised."

May 17, 2014 James McWilliams pens article "DxE: Challenging Chipotle With The Truth."

April 21, 2014 BeyondChron article on our monthly day of action. 

March 3, 2014 Salon article on the campaign.

February 2, 2014 Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden had a segment on the "Chipotle - It's not Food, It's Violence" campaign (interview starts at the 40 minute mark).

January 25, 2014 KPFA Radio (Pacifica) reported on our Broken Promises protest on the evening news. 

January 24, 2014 Animal Voices Radio had a feature-length segment regarding the "Chipotle - It's not Food, It's Violence" campaign. 

December 14, 2013 - KPFA Radio in the Bay Area and the Examiner in Denver reported on our nationwide Peace, Not Violence day of action. 

November 17, 2013 - ABC 7 Evening News covered our Someone, Not Something day of action. 

August 29, 2013 - The San Jose Mercury News and ABC-KGO Radio reported on our Bacon Festival Protest. 

August 24, 2013 - ABC 7 Evening News and KPFA Radio covered our international march: We are all Earthlings - No Longer Blind to Injustice. 

Images from the "It's not Food, It's Violence" campaign