Three Stories of Dissent: Individual, Community, and Culture (Open Meeting)

  • 125 2nd St.
  • Oakland, CA
Pioneering anti-AIDS and LGBT liberation group ACT UP, engaged in direct action in 1990.

Pioneering anti-AIDS and LGBT liberation group ACT UP, engaged in direct action in 1990.

What causes oppression and violence? The individual? The community? The culture? Lawyer, writer, and behavioral scientist Wayne Hsiung will offer three stories of violence (a racist bully; a community that struggles with sexual assault; and an entire culture that suddenly goes haywire with bigotry and bloodshed), from three levels of human social interaction, and show how direct action can transform all three levels with liberatory memes. 

Immediately afterwards, DxE will host its first Open Meeting in its new location -- Oakland!

Join us as we discuss our ideas on activism -- and hopefully hear some of yours too.

Note: The buzzer should be working by the time you arrive on Sunday. Just look for the name -- Wayne Hsiung. If not, just call us at 650.465.1672. See you soon! 

Speaker Bio

Wayne Hsiung is a tech lawyer, writer, and organizer for DxE in the Bay Area. Prior to entering the practice of law, Wayne was a National Science Graduate Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , where he studied behavioral science and economics, and the Harry N. Wyatt Scholar and Olin Law and Economics Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School. He served on the faculty at Northwestern School of Law, as a Searle Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Law from 2006-2007, where he focused on First Amendment and Environmental Law and published research on climate change that was reported on in the New York Times.

Wayne has worked on various social justice campaigns since 1999, including campaigns against capital punishment and for low-income youth, and has been involved in the animal rights movement since 2001. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his four children -- two dogs, Lisa and Natalie, and two cats, Joan and Flash. 

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