Earthlings - No Longer Blind to Injustice - International March for Animal Liberation

JUST ANNOUNCED: Activists in Israel, and across the world, are organizing an animal liberation solidarity demonstration/march on August 24. (See below for specific city information.)

The principles of the demonstration are: 

- We are all Earthlings
- We have been made blind to the violence against our fellow Earthlings, in food, clothing, entertainment, research, and as "pets"
- We will open our eyes, and unite against this violence, not as members of any particular organization, not even as members of the species homo sapiens, but, first and foremost, as Earthlings

The initial organizers in Israel are asking other cities to join in. Even a few activists in each city will be helpful to the international event. Please contact us via facebook if you would like your event to be added to this page, or if you need help in organizing a demonstration or march! 

As one example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, we will start the march at Union Square in San Francisco, at noon, and march to five different locations (tentative): 

- Louis Vuitton (for taking the skins of our friends)
- US Bank (for financing the torture of animals in labs) 
- Senator Feinstein's office (for sponsoring the AETA, and turning protecting our companion animals into "terrorism")
- McDonald's (for turning our fellow Earthlings into food)
- City Hall (for permitting the abuse of entertainment animals)

At each stop, we will have a group of activists wear blindfolds, with signs saying "NO LONGER BLIND TO INJUSTICE" and "UNTIL EVERY ANIMAL IS FREE." We will hold up a large image of a single victim of the violence -- an individual animal who had her happiness, her freedom, and even her life taken from her. And we will remove the blindfolds... and see, remember, and respect the victim for who she was -- a fellow Earthling. 

More details to come. This is an intersectional and coalitional march that we hope will unite the local, national, and international animal rights communities!

Thousands are already expected at the march in Tel Aviv!